If you would like to book a session, please email ([email protected]) or message me thru facebook/instagram. 


The studio is now closed for the holidays from 12/7/23 through 1/2/24


Now booking for sessions in January 2024 and beyond

*please note that the studio is closed Sundays


Studio is closed on the following dates:

Monday 1/15, Tues 1/23, Wed 1/24, Fri 1/26, Sat 1/27,

Mon 2/19, Th 2/29,

Sat 3/2, Fri 3/15, Sat 3/16 and

Tues 3/26 THROUGH Mon 4/8



Processing turn around time is 12-14 business days after your session*

(saturday, sunday and any legal holiday do not count as business days)

*during peak seasons this may become extended based on the volume of sessions booked

Please do not contact me before 14 days has passed to inquire about your photos.  If your photos are done sooner than that, I will send them out to you immediately upon completion.  Please plan accordingly when scheduling your sessions. 

If you require your photos to be confirmed edited in less than 14 days, there is a $100 rush fee charge due before photos are edited.




(require minimum 3 weeks notice)

January- limited

February- limited

March- limited


Newborn Reservation Spots

(non-reserved sessions are filled based upon my availability and are not guaranteed)




My home studio is located in North Greenbush/Wynantskill, NY


Mon-Friday  8-1*

Saturdays- 11-3

CLOSED Sunday 

*Evening sessions are available upon request on Monday, Tuesday and some Wednesdays


As a general rule, I strongly recommend booking/reserving your session at least 1-3 months in advance.  



JMFarron Photography accepts payment in the form of cash, check or venmo (@jennifer-farron). 

Credit/Debit payments can be made through paypal but must be paid a minimum of 24 hours before your session.  Credit/debit payments cannot be accepted in studio at this time.  There is a 5% processing fee added for all online/paypal payments.  This fee is waived for cash, check and venmo payments.


STUDIO RESTRICTIONS (until further notice):

  • MASKS: Masks are optional at the moment in the studio.  In the event that we begin to see an increase in covid, RSV, flu cases, I may reinstate the mask requirement.  I will let you know before your session. I will still be wearing one for all newborn sessions and may occasionally still use during other sessions. 
  • OBSERVERS: Two parents/adults may be present in the studio during newborn sessions and cake smashes only.  Siblings are only permitted during newborn sessions and only if they are being photographed within the session.  They should leave the studio once their pictures are done, so please plan on having an adult available to take them outside or home.   Siblings are not permitted in the studio during cake smash session.   
  • PUBLIC BATHROOMS: Bathrooms are NOT AVAILABLE for any reason until further notice.  If you have a potty training toddler, please consider using a pullup for your session.



  • In studio ONLY  
  • Lifestyle/Outdoor and At your Home sessions are not available
  • Hospital Pictures/Fresh 48 are not available
  • ONLY 1 newborn session is scheduled per day 
  • They are scheduled M-F in the morning only (10am, 11 am or 12pm) 
  • Newborn sessions are not available on weekends (however the family/sibling portion of the session can be scheduled on a weekend or evening separate from the newborn session at no additional fee)
  • Reserved sessions are given higher priority when scheduling
  • Only a limited number of reserved sessions are available each month
  • I recommend reserving your session a minimum of 1-3 months before due date
  • Non reserved sessions are accommodated subject to my availability
  • Masks are optional (at this time) in the studio however the photographer will wear a mask for the entirety of the session.  Disposable masks are available in the event that you want one. *This policy is subject to change solely at my discretion.
  • I will wash hands upon your arrival, followed by use of hand sanitizer throughout the session.  


ONLY 1-2 adults/ parents/ legal guardians are permitted in the studio during newborn sessions.  Additional adults are not permitted inside the studio during the session.  When at all possible, any siblings not being photographed during the session should be left home.  Younger siblings often find it difficult to sit through the lengthy session where attention is not focused on them.  Additionally the warm temperature in the studio will likely be uncomfortable for younger siblings. 

Your session includes sibling and parent/family pictures at no additional charge.  I realize that one parent may not always be able to attend the session, or siblings may be in school during the session time.  You will have the choice of scheduling the sibling/parent/family pictures at the same time as the newborn session, or separately as a mini session in the evening or on a weekend.  If you decide to do the pictures at the same time as the newborn session,  please note that these photos will be taken FIRST upon your arrival.  Following their pictures, please consider having a friend or grandparent/parent take the siblings outside or bring them home. 

For siblings who must remain present during the entire newborn session, please ensure that they do not touch any of the props or equipment throughout the studio.  Please also note that messy snacks are not permitted in the studio (including but not limited to: peanut butter, chocolate, lollipops, cheesy chips/doodles or any other snack that can stain or cause a mess).  You will be responsible for any and all damages that may occur to equipment/props in the studio.  I reserve the right to terminate the session in the event that siblings are being disruptive, destructive or damaging my property and you will still be charged the entire session fee, plus any damages incurred.   

In the event that you would prefer to schedule the sibling/family mini session separately (recommended) then siblings should not come to the studio during the newborn session.  Please make arrangements for child care prior to arriving for your session.  



JMFarron Photography supplies all items needed during the newborn session including outfits, wraps, props, headbands, etc.  All items provided by JMFarron Photography are thoroughly washed and/or sanitized before every session. 


Items that you SHOULD bring with you to your session:

  • a pacifier if you have one (even if your child isnt using one yet, suckling on it for a few seconds while being posed can help sooth them to sleep- just make sure its a newborn sized one)
  • if bottle feeding, please bring 1-2 full bottles with you to the session in case baby needs a snack (babies often eat more during and after sessions because their sleep is disturbed throughout the session
  • if nursing, we can stop as needed to feed baby



Please note that JMFarron Photography is a natural posing photographer, meaning that she poses baby in safe natural poses and her editing style reflects the natural beauty of every baby, without over editing the images. You may have seen other photographer's use poses such as "froggie" or "potato sack" etc, but JMFarron Photography does not offer these poses because if done improperly they could really harm the baby and it is just not worth the risk.  Baby is secured in all poses throughout the session and a parent will be used as a spotter when necessary to ensure the safety of the baby at all times.  Examples of my typical poses and session/editing styles can be found throughout my facebook and instagram pages and offer an example of what you can expect from your session.  Floor props are not always used but are available upon request PRIOR to your session and would include use of a box or bucket and a plain/simple backdrop.  "Themed" newborn sessions are not available.  JMFarron Photography is not a "composite" photographer, so some images you may see and want to duplicate are not something that JMFarron Photography would be able to offer.  Please make all inquiries PRIOR to arriving for your session so that the photographer may prepare and determine if it is something she can do and can do safely.


If you have any questions, or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.




Updated Terms and Conditions


Purchasing Gift Certificates:

  • Gift certificates are void, where prohibited or restricted by law
  • Gift certificates may not be used to purchase gift certificates
  • Gift certificates will be issued upon receipt of payment for the gift certificate.  Payment can be made in the form of cash or credit card/paypal.  *Checks will not be accepted for gift certificate payments.
  • Gift certificates purchased MUST have a recipient’s name entered by me to be valid.
  • All gift certificates will have a dollar value on them.  
    • (Gift certificates will no longer be issued for a specific type of session). 
    • If you would like to purchase a gift certificate for a specific type of session, the value of the gift certificate would be the current price of that session plus tax. 
  • JMFarron Photography reserves the right to refuse service or reverse any gift certificate purchase for any reason and return the funds to the purchaser.
  • Electronic gift certificates will not be issued by JMFarron Photography.  A physical gift certificate will be provided once purchased and paid for.
  • Gift certificates will not be replaced if stolen or lost and the original gift certificate must be surrendered at the time of your session.



Redeeming Gift Certificates:

  • Gift certificates are only redeemable at JMFarron Photograpahy.  An ORIGINAL gift certificate must be presented at the time of the session in order to redeem its value.  Photocopies/facsimiles will not be accepted. 
  • Gift certificates are non-transferrable.
  • Gift certificates are good for 5 years from the date of issuance.  No extension beyond 5 years will be granted for any reason.
  • Except as required by law, gift certificates are non-refundable and may not be redeemed for cash.
  • I am not responsible for lost, stolen or destroyed gift certificates and no replacements will be issued under such circumstances.
  • If the session fee or purchase order exceeds the value of the gift certificate, the redeemer is responsible for paying the difference at the time of session/order.
  • Any unused value on the gift certificate shall remain until redeemed or until the expiration date, whichever comes first.


Terms and Conditions for Vouchers

JMFarron Photography may periodically provide vouchers to contest and raffle winners.


  • Vouchers are redeemable at JMFarron Photography only.
  • The original voucher must be presented at the time of the session to receive the discount.  Photocopies and facsimiles will not be accepted.
  • All vouchers will have a 90 day-1 year expiration date (as noted on the voucher) and no extension beyond this expiration date will be granted, for any reason
  • Vouchers have no cash value and may not be redeemed for cash
  • Vouchers may not be used to purchase gift certificates
  • Vouchers are non-transferable and must be used by the original recipient
  • Vouchers may ONLY be used towards a session fee and cannot be used towards the purchase of prints/products.
  • Vouchers may be used for a single transaction only, and any part of the voucher amount not used during that transaction shall be forfeited.
  • I am not responsible for lost, stolen or destroyed vouchers and no replacements will be issued under such circumstances.
  • If the session fee exceeds the value of the voucher, the redeemer is responsible for paying the difference at the time of session.



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